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Tell Us What Your Experience Has Been

We care deeply about Apex of performance as much now as ever. We’d love to hear from you so tell us how you’re doing. Send an e-mail to [email protected] We hope to hear from you, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Regards, Doug Finlay and Sam Lehman Founders and Co-CEO’s

Why We’re Different

Columbia has provided a superior level of support for its clients for many years. We have increased our recruiting force and our Business Partner base to support a large volume of hiring needs, the majority of which can be carried out with the same level of attention to detail within 24 hours when needed. […]

What We Love About Staffing

So why do we do what we do? Why work in staffing? It’s simple- we thrive on helping to make that connection. Getting someone a job- whether we are merely a port in the storm, or a bridge to a full-time opportunity- feels great. Providing our customers with their most critical resource- their people- […]

Why We Started Columbia Consulting Group

We were inspired to start Columbia Consulting Group for three main reasons- to treat job seekers better, to provide a better service for companies, and to build a company where the best recruiters and sales staff would want to work. Let’s touch briefly on the first reason. Back in 1997 we felt that too […]

What We Believe In

Columbia Consulting Group embodies the values and commitment to bringing the cost effective staffing to our client base. Since 1997 Columbia Consulting Group has grown from a small firm in one location to a multimillion dollar organization with branches across the US. In 2011 Recently Columbia was ranked 15th in diversity suppliers across the […]

A Message from the Founders

There are many things we’d like to share with you about the company we started in 1997, and we’d love to tell you about them all. For now, though, we’ll focus on a few that you may find interesting.