Why We Started Columbia Consulting Group

We were inspired to start Columbia Consulting Group for three main reasons- to treat job seekers better, to provide a better service for companies, and to build a company where the best recruiters and sales staff would want to work. Let’s touch briefly on the first reason.

Back in 1997 we felt that too many recruiters weren’t treating job seekers the right way. They failed to return calls. They didn’t give closure. They misrepresented the job. Some even came across as sleazy. It was a frustrating perception of the industry, so we set out to change it.

We believed that relationships and trust should be the foundation of our service model. We decided to only hire the most motivated, friendly, and capable staff. People committed to doing all the little things right, and going beyond the call of duty. We believe it makes a difference, and we hope that you feel the same way.